On the 7th Day

I recently messed up my computer pretty bad so I decided to reinstall everything, plus it has been passed the six month mark. After backing up the files that I needed and trying to fit them on a HDD that has no room I popped in the Windows XP cd and away I go. I have installed XP so much that I used to have the cd key memorized so I should have no problems, but thin again it is a computer and I am human. I decided to make a separate partition for the new computer on the account that I want to make my life easer and see how it would affect my computer habits. I went with a 10Gb primary and the rest for the programs(later I will realize that I should go with 15GB-20GB). After waiting a few(25ish) minutes I get the welcome screen and the o so familiar balloon saying that I need to check my fire wall settings so with good intentions I go off and install my drivers. The current motherboard for my computer , 7Days(old gaming but new main) , is an Epox 8rda3+ and a AMD 3200+ Athlon and a 1GB ram. Not to snazzy compared to my old “main”(Hundo,1.8 GHz and 512 ram) comp. After hunting down new(er) drivers for my mobo I installed them and restarted the computer. To my surprise it worked, most of the time it doesn’t and I cry and me not crying is a good thing. After the restart I installed the last of the drivers and ,typically, it froze during the raid driver installation. I hit the restart button and nothing, absolute nothing. One of the reasons I got this board is that I has a LED on the bottom right of it and it has codes on it so that I can lead you in the right direction to getting the problem fixed. So I spent some time looking up “1P” and not finding anything I go back to Hundo(old main) and browse for a while and listen to some music.

My brother comes home and I tell him what the problem is and he says that it could also be a “1d”. That right there proves my theory that you need more thin one person to do close to anything. I was getting a little angry and hot. It is hot in Illinois so getting hot and even more hot because things don’t work so good for trouble shooting purposes. So I Google “1d” and it comes up with a video card issue, which makes sense since the card is a Ti-4200(old, pre CS:S and WOW) and before that was an even older card so I knew something like this was going to happen. I went to a few forums to see if I could narrow the problem down even more. Some people said that they reset the CMOS and check the mobo for popped capacitors. Armed with the information I check the mobo and reset the CMOS I got the computer past the “1d “ and to a “7F”. Further searching found that I need to hit the F1 key to continue. There was only one problem, I was unable to see the screen. I switch out the new card for the old one and still got the “7F”. In desperation I switch the VGA cable to the other plug without the DVI converter. Some ware it switched the side that the video comes out on, go figure. Now I restarted the computer and it seems to be stable. Got to love computers.

Skype from Twain

Yesterday night, morning to him, my uncle called me on skype. We talked for a few minuets about school and me loosing my job untlill my mom saw it, she talked to him for ten-ish minuets. During the conversation my screen saver went on and my mom thought she broke it(i think). Funny stuff. It is pretty cool so I figured I should take a screenshot(SS in 1337 terms) and show a few people. It is something seeing it online and another talking to somebody a few thousands miles away with little lag a great picture quality.



My desktop for this month. I forgot where I got the theme from but it is called “SmoothGnome”. I’m more in to the flat style of themes.Desktop May


We all need to blog, bloging allows us to get our thoughts out there to countless people who want to care but have the attention span of a nat. I blog because i like to “noob it up” as they say, it allows me to get my thought out and mess with computers and the internet. I also just transferred domains/site to 1and1 and so far things appear to be good. The only thing that sux is that since it is a shared host all of your stuff has a prefix in front of it. All that really means is that I need to remember more things. Wish me luck

Hello World

Hi all