This is a post from Windows Live Writer

I was listening to Windows Weekly and Paul Thurott said that he uses Windows Live Writer to post to his blog.

A long time ago, back in the Counter Strike 1.3 days, I found the wonder that is the “internet”. With that wonder came email, instant messaging, computer games, and blogging. I remember my first email; it was to a class mate when I was in the 6th grade. I emailed her and didn’t get a response and decided to email her five more times asking why she didn’t reply to me. Back then I thought that email was the same as instant messaging – which brings me to my point of Windows Live writer.

I really didn’t like email because logging on to Bolt/Yahoo and typing the message took to long(the average person stays about 30 seconds on a web page). It felt very impersonal and unnecessarily tedious just to send a few paragraphs. Sure could use a word processor and paste it in to the body of the message and send it, but still, it is way to much work to send a message. Enter Outlook 2003 and YPops. YPops allows you to have POP access to your Yahoo email account without paying for it. POP stands for Post Office Protocol and with this protocol you can access your email without a browser. Most of world connects to their email server this way and your ISP should let you access your @[your ISP domain].com for free.

Setting up YPops is pretty easy, all you have to do is set the server settings in your email client to and enter your account info(username and password) and you are set.

So here I am today, writing a blog post in Windows Live Writer(actually I wrote this a week ago and I’m posting it today). I think that it is great that I can type on my computer without creating one more tab in Firefox or having to worry about what I type disappear after clicking post. I plan on posing more due to the ease of Windows Live Writer and that might need more space than 146 characters.