Windows 7 is the Future

Windows 7 is going to be the next big thing from that little company in Redmond called “Microsoft”. I’m typing this blog post in Windows Live Writer running on a beta build of Windows 7 (7100) that is connected to a USB Sprint AirCard with my trusty caramel macchiato to my left.

When I installed Windows 7 on my ASUS notebook  it took 21 minutes and the only drivers that I needed to get were the webcam and the audio card. Hibernate and sleep both work great, you would think it is running OSX, and every application that I was important for me to remember to install after the rebuild work. Speaking of OSX, the “super bar” on Windows 7 is a great UI enhancement. I think of it as an upgrade to the "quick launch area” in Vista and XP. The only thing that is missing is virtual desktops; Ubuntu and OSX both have that built it built-in out of the box. I hope that in the coming months Microsoft puts out a service pack that allows you to have more than one desktop on one monitor and is easy to use.