Computer Build

After moving my girlfriend to ISU, getting my Network + and Hyper-V certification, staring a podcast, which is hopefully out later this month/year, I have a few minutes of down time to post about my new computer.  What is great about this build is that my friend [twitter] wanted to build a new computer and I wanted to upgrade to a Core i7 but in a Mini-ITX computer (challenging – I know). As you can see from the posts below i was able to find mid to high-end parts and wait log enough to get a few deals as long with finding a Antec Mini P182 case. The P180 case is one of the best computer cases out there. It sells for around $120 but if you are lucky enough you can find it for $80 with free shipping. I have three of them and only gave up the one because I wanted to see if I could build a smaller computer.

Chicago Computer Parts

When UPS dropped off the parts in I wanted to wait for my friend to get his so we can build our computers in tandem, he hasn’t built a computer before, but having all the parts sitting in my living room waiting to be used is against my nature.  I was only able to fight the urge till the weekend. That Saturday morning I got my work table out and started to unbox all of my parts. Once everything was unboxed I was doubting that it was all going to fit in my case. A few hours later and with help from Google I had my computer built.

One of the important findings of this build is that the thermal paste goes in between the two indents on the processor in a straight line. Another important tip is that it is a good idea to put the hard drives and CD drives in a case to visualize where they are going to go. With such a confined space and massive graphic card I had to take out the second hard drive tray along with the rails that holds the tray in so there would be adequate air flow and so I can fit a fan. I also had my friend bring his HD 5870 over to see if it would fit in my case. Thankfully it does :).

 Graphic Card Area 

Thermal Paste


I tried to use a Linksys wireless adaptor but for some reason it doesn’t want to work with Windows x64. I ended up installing Windows 7 x86 and using prime 95 to test the stability of the computer.  After six or so hours I figured that everything is working ok and brought everything back to my desk and reinstalled Windows 7 x64 and migrated everything over from my old desktop.  You can also see more of my photos on Filckr.

Linksys Wireless Card




Surprisingly that was over eight months ago and my computer is running fine. I have it overclocked to 3Ghz, from 2.5, and the ram up to 1600Mhz. I plan on getting up to 3.5hz and 1800Mhz in the winter.

CoreTemp 100