Smart Phones at CES 2011

I saw a few videos about the smart phones at CES. I think it’s great that we are getting phones with dual cores and displays that have more pixels than the eye can see but there is one topic that no one really talked about. And that’s is battery life.

I recently got an extended battery for my HTC Evo, 2600mAh compared to the 1500mAh that comes with the phone, and it sticks out like a sore thumb. The Evo is still a great phone without it but there is a freeing feeling that you get when you are able to take out your phone and search or play games whenever you want without worrying about the battery life. With the older, smaller, battery I wasn’t able to any of this. I would always come close to 10% and have to turn off my phone around 10pm or 11pm till I found a charger after a heavy phone usage day.

The new “superphones” (kidding) that are coming out they will probably have power saving features like reducing the speed of a core or a display that use a tenth of the power but we still need to have better battery technology. With longer battery life and more than one processor in the same phone we will step away from expensive desktops and W, S, A, D, and become more acquainted with the pocket-size five-minute wonder that is the future of phones.