Updated Test Lab

Since I found the last post laying around I wanted to post it so we can see how my lab has changed. I’m close to my ideal test environment, more on that in a second, till then I’ll make do with what I can find for cheap :).  A few months ago I was able to leave my test server at my work and borrow two static IP’s and a UPS. With the two static IP’s I can set up one for the host, CHI-HV1, and one for the virtual domain, AIR.Local, and send email out without worrying about the email settings every time the IP changes or blocked email since I’m sending from a residential IP.  I ended up buying airideas.net so I could use it for the test domain and treat it like a real company and instead of messing around with my airideas.com. Getting another domain for $6 is a awesome deal to bad .co is $15 a year, I could have the trifecta of domains.

On to my new(er) testing lab. My main test server, CHI-HV1, is about 20 miles away from me connected to a 20Mb Comcast Business connection and is running Windows Server 2008 R2. I decided to rewrite the specs below because I wanted to see if anything has changed and to get the full scale of my test domain. Soon I will add a “remote” site, Seattle or SEA-HV1, to test out Read-only Domain Controllers and Site to Site VPN. The box that that will be running the VM’s will be a ASUS running a 2.4Ghz Q8800 with 4GB of ram and a 500Gb WD hard drive. I know its nothing like the the server at the office but it will work fine for now.

Host – CHI-HV1 (Hyper-V | Comcast)


: P180


: Q6600 @ 3GHZ
Motherboard: ASUS P5k/Premium WiFi

Hard Drives

: 2x 300Gb VelociRaptors , RAID 0 – Host Drives  2x 1Tb RE3 , RAID 0 -Storage Drives  1x 500GB Scratch Shadow Copy drive

Child Virtual Servers

CHI-DC1 – Domain Controller

CHI-MAIL1 – Mail Server
CHI-DPM1 – Backup Server

CHI-MOSS1 – Windows SharePoint Server

CHI-SQL1 – SQL server
CHI-SQL2 – SQL Server
CHI-WIN71 – Windows 7 Machine (“client” testing)

Chi-Win72 – Windows 7 Machine (“client” testing)

–Future VM’s–

CHI-ISA1 – VPN Proxy Server
CHI-TS1 – Terminal Server / Remote APP Gateway
CHI-TS2 – Termianl Server / Remote APP

Host – SEA-HV1 (Hyper-V | Comcast)


: Antec 

CPU: Q8800 @ 2.4GHZ

Motherboard: Asus

Hard Drives

: 500Gb WD

Child Virtual Servers
SEA-DC1 – Domain Controller

SEA-SRV1 – QuickBooks / FIle Server

KIR-RO1 – Read-only Domain Controller



Below is a diagram of CHI-HV1. If I have more free time I’ll map out the network and SEA-HV1.

CHI-HV1 V3 Virtual Build