16GB RAM Installed

Below are some pictures of the Corsair Vengeance being installed on my Gigabyte P55M-UD4 motherboard. I was able overclock to 1600Mhz at 1.5V. I didn’t try anything higher than that since I’m still working on my overclocking CPU with Hyper Threading.


The RAM, all 16GB of awesome.

And just like that the RAM is installed.


It’s great how there is a ~1mm clearance between the graphic card and the RAM arms.


The motherboard sees all 16Gb on the first boot.

More Ram – Woot

I just ordered more RAM for my desktop, 16Gb to be exact. I find that I’m doing more virtual machine testing on this machine instead of connecting in to my dev box at the office or turning on another PC. Since Chrome takes up 2.5GB of RAM, Windows uses 2GB-3GB of RAM, and every other applaction I have running uses between 1Gb and 1.5GB of RAM I’m left with ~2Gb free to run 3 virtual machines. My only concern is that I can keep my overclock at 4.0Ghz.

They should be in by the end of the week.