The Scooter

A few days ago I was going for a walk with @shelvedfiction and @ajriedemann we stopped by a scooter store by my house. They have the typical looking scooter, wide front, “twist and go” throttle, and a $3,100 price tag. I took a few pictures of with my HTC Evo 4G which you can see below.


After seeing a few scooters in person I got addicted to the idea of having one. Being able to park almost anywhere and the low gas mileage make it a cool hobby-toy to have. What adds to the cool factor is that my brother might be getting one.

I was searching for different prices on the Buddy 150 and found the amazing scooter below. It’s the Sachs MadAss 125[video review], the 125 is for the 125cc engine. Pictured below is the sliver and the graphite models. You can tell that they are the 125cc model because the 50cc model doesn’t have the scoop below the body the gas tank. I found a seller on Craiglist that has two of them for $1999 but he is almost three hours away in Wisconsin. I sent him a few emails asking details about the bike and if it is real and not used. All I’m saying is that Craigslist isn’t known for its its people. Oh wait it is…



Not soon after I buy one I want to replace the muffler with an aftermarket exhaust, $329 ,and get the Piranha 150cc engine, $500.

POC HMF Madass Exhaust


Update: Found a Facebook fan page for those of you who like the book.