Bitcoin Mining

A recent podcast has reignited my interest in Bitcoins, info here. I first heard of them from my friend a few months back when there were $1 a coin. We were going to buy one or two but decided against it. Fast forward to today and they are about $14 a coin which gives me enough reason to see if I can have fun with and, in turn, have it pay for itself. My goal is to get two AIT 5850’s or 5830’s and have them mine for some coins. I have two extra computers that I can put them in though I wish I had a computer that can do crossfire to save on wattage. Either way I hope to be mining soon.

So far I checked Ebay and Craiglist and the price for the 5850 is about as much as my 5870 even though the 5850 is way slower than the 5870.  A real life example of quantity and demand.