Battlefield 3 Download Speed

Origin has some pretty decent infrastructure since I got an average of 2.74MB/s down during the first 2 hours of the open beta being available. I hope its this fast when I have to download the real game.

    Incoming    Outgoing
    ========    ========
Current Transfer Rate    3.64 KB/s    1.50 KB/s
Average Transfer Rate    2.74 MB/s    52.9 KB/s
Maximum Transfer Rate    7.04 MB/s    131 KB/s
Total Data Transferred    3.48 GB    67.2 MB
Since    9/29/2011    9:24:02 AM

Elapsed time: 00-21-41

New Modem – Motorola SB6121

We were having some issues with Comcast with our connection dropping, T3 timeout error, and a manager said that my modem was the old model. Naturally I order the SB6121 and decided to get it next day air though Amazon. Amazon Prime is fantastic. I ordered it at 5:45pm on Friday and it arrived at 10:00 on Saturday.

I believe the modem gets one more channel upstream bringing my upload to 8Mb from 5Mb-6Mb but we still get the T3 errors. I think it’s the Comcast line coming in to my house and Comcast says it my equipment. I think the next step is using their modem(….yuck).

Still Fast

Quick speed test 60/3.3.


I upgraded to a WNDR3700 running DD-WRT. I remember a few years ago when I was running DD-WRT there was an app that would let you know what IP was using how much bandwidth. It was close to iftop but did it on the internal network. Ill dig around and see if I can find it and get it installed.

Next step? Try to figure out why I never get host on Halo.

MadAss 125 Update

My Madass 125 is amazing and I love riding it, I never though I would want or enjoy a bile. I can go about an hour and a half before I need a break to recover from the seat. I think once I get a few more miles on it the seat will be more comfortable or I’ll buy a new one. Other than the seat being a pain the only other issue is an oil leak. I called Pierspeed and they said that there is a O ring that moves and should be a easy fix. They also said that any work I do on it I should keep the receipts since it will help if in need to make a warranty claim.

Doing some searching I found that part 12 in the image below ,the clutch push rod seal, comes loose and causes the leak. Hopefully this weekend I can replace or move it back and stop the leak.

Bike Diagram


With that out of the way I can get to the good stuff. On a flat road with no wind and ambient temperature of 79 degrees can get up to 55mph. I would say my average speed is 50mph but I feel that the bike likes to be at 45mph. I also was able to get 69.5 miles before I had to switch to the reserve and since then I refill around 70 miles. My MPG is off by 10 miles but it is still better than my Honda Civic. I’m trying to find a way to mount my phone, Evo 3D, to my bike or helmet so I can record a ride. I was thinking of buying a case and cutting some holes in it for nylon straps so I can strap it to my bike.



I hope it stays warm for a little bit longer so I can get the bike up to 1000 miles before I have to prepare it for the winter.