Rancilio Silvia and Baratza Preciso Combo Package

Coffee Geek just posted their top gifts over $75. About half way down they recommend the Ranchilio Silvia and the Baratza Preciso Combo for $879. I’ve been eyeing the Silvia for awhile and even saw a few on Craig List that were around $500 for the V2. Hopefully in a few months they the same deal and I can pick one up.

Rosetta Stone

I was at the mall yesterday and I saw that Rosetta Stone had a deal going on for their first five levels of learning. “For $399 and six months of your time you can learn French” is what the salesman told me. I’ve been wanting to learn a language and since I plan on going to Europe in about six months what do I have to lose? They also have a mobile app and it has a second license that I can give to my friend. I tried to talk him down even cheaper but he said that I would have to buy two to get a bigger discount. No thanks, one language is enough.

As soon as I got home I went to install Rosetta Stone on my PC and saw that I was a six CD set. CD’s?! I think that the retail box was made about a million years ago before DVD’s were the standard. My real issues is that I didn’t install a CD drive in my new computer that I built about two years ago. I ended up taking out my notebook and copying the CD’s to a .iso file and them moving them to my desktop. What a waste of time. I was thinking of copying the files but I remember a while back that to install the language CD’s they have to be CD’s. After I installed Rosetta Stone there was one update for every language level that would close (crash?) the app as soon as the download is complete. It happened three times so I figure that its their way of making you restart the app after every update.

My plan is to spend 30 minutes a day, three times a week for the next six months and hopefully be able to order food and carry a simple conversation with someone who speaks French. Now where’s my café?