ZPMEspresso on Kickstarter


Looking over Kickstarter I found an espresso machine that is pretty tempting fund. One of the main features that I like is the built in PID that allows you to time the shot down to the millisecond and shows the temperature. On top of that it has an Arduino built in so you can program it.  For $300 I might have to try it out.


CES 2012

There are a few things at CES that I “saw” are worth writing about , everything else is from last year but smaller. First is the OLED 55” TV’s from every manufacture. Its great having a 4mm think TV with slim bezels that you can hang on your wall like a picture and has little power draw. Even better they have passive 3D which means that you can use the theater “style” glasses.

Microsoft also announced that there will be slimmer ultabooks that will be able to run Windows 8 without any issues. Remember back to “Vista Capable” computers that couldn’t even run Aero? At the keynote Steve Ballmer said that every notebook that is able to run Windows 7 will be able to run Windows 8. The best ultrabook is the Samsung Series 9. It comes with an SSD, Core i5 and a 13.3” display an is only 3lb and a little over .5” think. Its basically the Macbook Air but a new processor and better screen.


I would say the best thing from CES 2012 is the Nexus Prime is coming to Sprint with LTE. As you can see from the picture below this phone is amazing. The main features that I like about this phone is the NFC chip, ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich), the 4.6” screen, and the truly high quality camera.


I hope that LTE comes out in my area so I can use every this phone to its full potential. If its as fast as Verizon’s (35/5) it might replace my cable at my house.