Finished WHS Migration

The data store hard dive only took 20 hours this time and I didn’t have any issues mounting it to the virtual machine. Once I had it mounted I booted in safe mode and disabled the iSCSI target where it was connected before and windows automaticity mapped the drive as D: (it was the D: drive though the iSCSI target)

Right now its doing a file system check which should take about 30 minutes and hopefully there shouldn’t be any issues.


Its amazing how easy and almost straight forward it was to migrate a whole server and the data hard drive to another host machine.

Home Server Migration

There was a power outage at my place and somehow the motherboard got friend on my Home Server. Luckily the motherboard was under warranty but now I don’t have a home server.

I was going to migrate my home server to my Drobo a while ago but never got around to it so now I’m forced to. I was able to borrow a computer from a friend so I can get the data off of the RAID Drives and now I have cables all over the place so I can transfer all my data.

I started the migration last night and I have about 7 hours left to transfer. As you can see the speeds aren’t that fast but the Drobo does have lower power usage and manages itself. Once I get everything working again I’ll make a quick post on what I did and the new setup.