Installing Windows Server 2012 On an SSD

I wanted to show you guys how fast the Windows install would be with a USB 3 flash drive and a Samsung 840 Pro but the motherboard wouldn’t boot with the flash drive in the USB 3 port and I found some other people online having the same issue with booting from a USB 3 port. In the end I installed from the USB 2 port which is about 20MB/s instead of the 70MB/s that USB 3 gets.

Either way the install is really fast. I took a quick video and the install was about 8 minutes with the reboots and a RAID controller adding a few seconds to the boot time.

It’s a boring video but still a quick install.

White House Honey Porter Notes

We started brewing the Honey Porter around 10:30pm and ended at 2:30am. Luckily our hot water was turned up and the hot tap water was around 146° F which made steeping the gains at 155° F lot quicker. We only had one issue with the whole brewing process and it was a minor one. We took the grains out after the 25 minute seep instead of letting them sit for 10 minutes. Luckily we had a cloth steeping bag from another kit that we are going to brew next week.

1. We used 4.5 Gal of hot tap water.
2. When steeping the grains the temp was around 160° F and not 155° F
3. It took about 15 minutes for the wort to go from 212°F to 80°F using the copper immersion chiller and cold tap water.
4. After 25 minutes we started to get this white egg drop looking chucks. (second picture)
5. The specific gravity was 1.073 which is a above 1.053 that the kit called for. I researched it a little bit and it seems that I took the reading wrong since the kits are almost fail proof.

Steeping the grains.

 2012-12-09 23.15.27

Right after the hot break we got the “precipitated carbonates”.

2012-12-10 00.37.31

Putting in the hops.

2012-12-10 00.07.14

Adding in the honey with the chiller getting sanitized.

2012-12-10 01.47.45

SG of 1.073.

2012-12-10 02.19.59

During the whole process you can smell the beer coming alive but the best part is right after you add the hops. The hops are what makes the beer bitter and removes some of the sweetness that is left over from the HME.

Now we wait two to threw weeks to bottle. Our next beer is going to be the Irish Red Ale which we might do next weekend.