Irish Red Ale

A month ago (Dec 20th) we made the Midwest Supplies Irish Red Ale. We decided to make the Red Ale since we only had a choice between a “Light Ale” and the Red Ale. The Light Ale was a Miller knock off and we decided to be different. The brewing didn’t have any issues except for a minor one with the yeast. I waited for water to come down to temperature and right after I poured it in to the measuring cup my brother stirred them up. I think that the yeast are ok since you end up mixing them around right after you pour the yeast in to the wort.

Our original gravity reading was off again. It wasn’t as far off as our White House Honey Porter but still it wasn’t within the range that the directions wanted. We waited for the water to get to 73 F this time to take the sample and we also did it in a flask and not in the thief. One thing that I think might have to do with it is the volume of water. We were off about a half gallon (hopefully not more) due to the boil off. I think our next brew we will put 5.5 gallons to keep the volume high.

As always, here are a few pictures of the process.

We picked up a wallpaper troff so we wouldn’t need to use as much sanitizer. It’s also nice to have everything within reach on the counter.

2012-12-20 19.59.13

Here’s the specialty grains steeping.

2012-12-20 22.20.35

Boiling the wort at 12:30 in the morning.

2012-12-21 00.23.38

With our cold Chicagoland waster we were able to get the wort down to pitching temp within10 minutes.

2012-12-21 00.49.16

Hers the yeast waiting to start their job.

2012-12-21 00.57.32

We go an OG of 1.053 which is .009 off of what Midwest supplies directions.

2012-12-21 01.13.46