The Guys Side of Wedding Planning

So here we are, a little over a year left till I get married and we have to narrow down our wedding ideas from the last year (or three) to something feasible. The goal is to be on or under budget, make everyone happy including us, have fun and make sure my recently married brother is jealous (am I right?).

My plan is to user Blogger to make our website since its free and my fiancé and I can use it at the same time as well as update from our phone. We are also going to do as much as we can “DIY” since, I believe, that in the end we will enjoy it more.

Right now we are working on the invitation cards and narrowing down the venue. We are looking for an outside space with lots of room and and a place to eat inside. So far we found a few places within a hour of where we live and hopefully we can narrow it down soon. Our colors are going to be blue and white and a little grey.

Colors close to these:

I found that it helps to set goals so we can both reach a common outcome. Our goal is to talk at least once a week and resolve a task that has been set. It doesn’t always happen but the good part is that we are working toward the little details to make the wedding even that much better.

So far here’s our mine(ish) list of to-do:

  1. Narrow down colors and attire.
  2. Find a venue and see if they allow home brew beer.
  3. Food options.
  4. Guest list.

Hopefully over the next year I can post a few cool or interesting ideas that we end up doing to help other couples. I had to call one tip out right now I would say Pinterest. I added the “pin it” bookmark and now everything that I think that we would need or is cool I just pin it to our board and reference it later.

Storage Spaces 2012 Speed update

Looks like Microsoft disabled caching. I ran the command below in PowerShell and my speeds are almost back to normal. I noticed after writing about 2GB of data the speeds go down to almost 100k then back up to 75MB/s. Either way the speed is a lot better and I’ll keep on looking for a way to get the read and writes back to above 250MB/s.

Thanks again Internet.

Set-StoragePool -FriendlyName <Storage Pool Name> -IsPowerProtected $True

Reading Big Files:


Writing Small Files:



Normally I don’t post about these things but one of my friends as having a EXC_BAD_ACCESS error on the notebook that she was using after doing an update. After a few minutes of searching for a KB from Microsoft I found this post and deleted the and the Microsoft 2008 folder under her Library/Preferences folder.

When I went to launch Word it rebuilt her settings and she can edit any file that she wants. Thanks internet.