Chimay Grande Réserve Brew Log – Making Candi Sugar

I wanted to make the Candi Sugar, more in my last post, instead of buying it because it seems to be a good skill to have. I really like the Belgian style of beer and if I’m going to make more of them why not know more about their process? I found a post on An Engineer and His Carboy on how to make it from table sugar and cream of tartar. Cream of tartar is actually potassium bitartrate which is an acid that will break down the sucrose molecules on the sugar to glucose and fructose. With all that work that I do the yeast wont have to go though any extra work to process the sugar, now a inverted sugar, and will add more alcohol to the beer and flavor if caramelized . Continue reading “Chimay Grande Réserve Brew Log – Making Candi Sugar”