Wedding Brew’s

For my wedding I have four beers that the best man and I are going to brew. The first is the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, or SNPA. Besides Blue Moon, which is the second beer we are going to brew, SNPA is the beer that got me to appreciate craft beer. The other two beers are the White House Honey Ale and Cream of Three Crops. The White House Honey Ale is the first beer that got us to brew and Cream of Three Crops is for the people who don’t like craft beer, or fizzy water.

We are going to brew 10 gallons of each beer for a total of 40 gallons which should be enough for everyone, and some left over for the after party. Our plan is to brew two a month starting next month and have them done a month before the wedding just in case we need to rebrew one of them. The first one we will brew is the Cream of Three crops since it will be the least complex of the bunch and the extra time will hopefully make it taste better. After that we will brew the Blue Moon than the White House Honey Ale and lastly the SNPA. We will be dry hopping he SNPA so we want to make it last so we don’t lose the aroma.

Luckily we have and probably couldn’t do this without a draft system. So far we got the chest freezer and the temperature controller setup with two drafts. When the faucets are back in stock we will drill two more holes and get a six way gas distributor. With the collar on the chest freezer we are able to fit 8 kegs and having 6 on tap is going to be awesome. It’s also nice to brew the beers a long time before we need them and keep in the keg away from everything.

So far we need about 35lb or 2 Row and about 8 oz of hops total. I think the total cost is going to be around $100 for all the beer but I also have to factor in the keezer, kegs, and the Co2 tank. So far its been a blast making the beer and keezer and we get to keep it after the wedding. If the keezer doesn’t work for some reason we will go to Binny’s down the street and pick up some Miller.