Windows Server Hyper-V Backups Stuck

I had an issue that the status of each virtual machine in the Hyper-V console was “Backing Up” and I wasn’t able turn a server on. When the server is getting backed up by the Hyper-V host you are unable to change the settings or state. The previous night’s backups failed and it looks like the external drive that we backup was also failing causing VSS to get stuck and ultimately the backups to run forever. There isn’t a way to cancel the backup job thought he backup manager so you have to open the command prompt and type in:

wbadmin stop job

After about 20 minutes, backups are about 200GB, I got the jobs stopped message but the status in Hyper-V manager status still said that it was backing up.

I did some quick research and didn’t see anything about this issue so I ended force killing the VMM service to get the backup status to change. It was either that or i restart the server and I really didn’t want to do that.

If you ran into this issue let me know what you did to fix it.