Rye Barleywine – Update 1

Back in September we made a Rye Barleywine and oh man it’s nothing short of amazing. When we first tasted it, about a month after bottling, I was pretty close to dumping it out since it tasted like jet fuel but 5 months later its a 6 out of 10. 

It’s syrupy with a little spice from the rye. You can’t really tell that its a high ABV till the last few sips. I didn’t dive too deep in to the tasting since I was happy that it was actually drinkable. I will be bringing it to my next homebrew club meeting so I can get some feedback from other drinkers.


Chimay Grande Réserve Brew Log – Update 2

Had a sample and it tastes a little bit like green apple and my testers asked if this was the “sour one”. Hopefully with age it will go away but I think it might have fermented too high.

With souring the other half I think it might turn out ok since I added Roeselare yeast and some dregs from a few bottles. I’ll do some research and see what might have caused the green apple taste.