Sierra Nevada – Update 1

It’s been 8 days since we started the SNPA clone and its FG is down to 1.010. I decided to cold crash it for three days, or around Friday, then put it in kegs to for the dry hop addition. We are going to use 1oz of Cascade for the 10 gallons. I had a quick taste and it seems a little too malty with little bitterness. Not bad just not enough bitterness to offset the sweetness.  If brewing more than one beer has tought me anything its relax and wait. I think by the wedding it will be just about perfect since it takes time for everything to mellow.

I made a quick GIF of the airlock bubbling away. We filled it too sigh so it didn’t “click” as much but looks awesome either way.

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First Wedding Brew – Sierra Nevada

This weekend we brewed the SNPA clone for our wedding. We picked up the grains from our local Home Brew shop, milled them twice, and started brewing. It was uneventful, which I like, and we hit the our numbers dead on except for an extra half gallon of wort. I think the half gallon is the leftover tub and hops that we decided to throw in the fermenter.

Right now its in the fermentation chamber at 62.5° F, we want it to be around 64° F, and I see there is some pressure in the air lock but no bubbles yet. Hopefully in the next 24 hours the fermentation will take off.

We made a video about the brewing here.