Digital Image Mover

A few years ago I found an app called DIM. I was looking for a lightweight quick picture and video mover and just stumbled upon Digital Image Mover. What’s nice about DIM is that it will make the folder structure as well as move the file over and rename it. A quick example is the screen shot below.


You can see that under the DIM folder the year month and date (DayMonthYear) are folders and the picture has the a name, in this case iPhone, and day and month after it.

I take a lot of photos and I would say half of them don’t make it outside of my hard drive because I cant find them or I forget why I took them. What DIM does is make it easer for me go from shooting to editing quicker, and allows me to find my content.

If your worried about it getting stuck on large amounts of files, don’t. I just ran it on my camera phone photos and churned though them without a hitch.


Sierra Navaida – Update 2

Out of the fermenter the SNPA was overly malty, by my taste, and I thought that it would be ok for the people who wouldn’t normally like bitter beer. Luckily the carbonation cut the malty flavor almost in half and the hops really shine though.

When I brew this again, because who doesn’t like SNPA, I’ll add about .5 oz more at the last five minutes to add more aroma and 1 oz more at 30 minutes to add some bitterness.