Wedding Beer Update

We’ve finished all the beer for the wedding and I’m really proud of them. I ended up with 25 gallons of Cream of Three Crops, shooting for 20, the post will be up later, and all of the other beers are carbonated and ready to go. The few things we have left to do is to carbonate and bottle the Cream of Three Crop, finish the Keezer, and brew the Root Beer as the gifts.

I’m between bottling 100-150 bottles of the Cream of Three Crops or 100 CTC and 50 Blue Moon. Everyone like the Blue Moon but I would rather save it till later so everyone can enjoy it more during the dinner and use the CTC as a primer to “homebrew”.  Either way we aren’t going to label the beers just but a BM or C on the cap so the bartender knows what bottle has what beer in it.

The Keezer needs a base to put the casters on, so we can roll it around, and some nice wood, I’m thinking oak or ceder, for the collar. I’m also going to paint just the top with chalkboard paint because I don’t believe that we will be writing on the front as much since there will be a drip tray. I think i might get a poster or some logos to put on the front just to make it less plain.


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