Bourbon Barrel Aged Homebrew

I got an email last weekend from Koval saying that they had used barrels for sale. One of our friends went out there to pick it up and get some Rye Whisky.

The barrel is 30 gallons and had a minor crack in a stave but we think its OK since it not leaking. We plan on brewing 35 gallons and use the extra 5 gallons as top off or a base to compare the difference. 2015-01-23_141541


We are going to brew a Founders Breakfast Stout clone we made two years ago that was one of the best clones we made. The coffee that we will use is Victor Prosper’s Dark Roast from Oak Cliff Rosters. The tasting notes are: “The goal of this blend is to enhance the smoky roasty bittersweet notes while still maintaining the integrity and flavor of the coffee underneath the roast. The blend components are Nicaragua, Brazil and Ethiopia”.

Doing some quick research  about how long we should age the beer in the barrel is under 8 months. There is more surface area and we don’t want the bourbon to overpower the beer.