Late 2015 Workstation Parts – Skylake

With the advent of the M.2 [link] port we are now able to get 10Gb/s -32Gb/s from our storage devices. That means , for under $400, you can get 2,500MB/s read and 1500MB/s write speeds [link] which is about 125x faster than transferring a file off of a USB 2 flash drive. The M.2 drive I purchased for the Late 2015 build is the 950 Pro 256GB that is limited to  2,200MB/s write and 900MB/s write. Still blazing faster than my current M550 SATA 3GB/s drive.

From Wikipidea
M.2 drive on the right and mSATA on the left.

I went with the smaller SSD, 256gb and not 512gb, because I wanted to stay within budget and still get 32GB of RAM. The other parts on my new build aren’t as fancy as the SSD except for the Intel i7-6700k 4.0Ghz [link].

I chose the higher end CPU because I’ve been doing more Virtual Machines work and the added power over the i7-6600k will allow me to edit and render videos more effortlessly.

I ordered the parts today and surprisingly the CPU and heat sink were cheaper at Micro Center even with tax so I’ll pick them up tomorrow night.

I will be reusing my current graphic card, GTX 970, and I also might use my current M550 SSD (SATA) as a data drive. I’m thinking I’ll use this PC for about 4 years will upgrade the graphic card in two years and the hard drive in 3.

Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5

My current computer still works and I’ll be using it has a Hackintosh [link] so I can get more antiquated with OSX. OSX has some great features and the majority of Open Source projects are made for OSX before Windows. That means that I’ll be able to test more software sooner.

For a look at my other parts check out my PC Part Picker List (until I can figure out how to post the table)