PRTG Raspberry Pi and SNMP Walk in to a Bar

I’ve been toying with the idea of using a Arduino and Bluetooth to monitor temperature for random projects and general interest. A year or so ago I set one up, cobbled together rather, an Arduino to talk to Xively so I can chart my fermenting and cold crashing temperatures. It didn’t have Bluetooth but it worked for a month or two then freeze and all I would have to do is flash the Arduino with the code again and it would work. I was able to get information for my wedding beers and a few others but one of the many downfalls was the Arduino needed to plugged in to the network, no built in Wi-Fi, and like many other things once the cable is unplugged and no one notices the project goes by the wayside.


Now my curiosity is peeked again. Intel released the Edison which has dual core 500MHZ CPU, 1GB of running memory, 4GB of storage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. It’s also about the size of a quarter and works with a lot of the Arduino tech. Besides being insanely hard to solder the pinouts it makes for a powerful enough computer to run Linux for about $50, plus the cost of add-ons. This is where the Raspberry Pi comes in the picture. The Edison and Pi are about the same, for my use, and with some digging I found a video that someone did exactly what I wanted. Sadly he didn’t link to any code or have any more information about it but now I know it’s possible.

Intel Edison
Intel Edison

I won’t go into the details now but after two failed attempts and a week of giving up one late night I was able to get the temperature probe to return its temperature to the SNMP in the Pi and setup PRTG to query the OID so I can make the fancy graphs below. I’ll make a separate post about what I did, mainly so I remember, and my future plans.

PRTG and RPi working
Temperature in my office for the past two hours.
2 Day Chart
Temperature in my office for the past two days.
30 day chart
Temperature in my office for the past thirdly days.