Domain Deploy Ninja RMM with PSExec

Spent a few min trying to get NinjaRMM deployed in my lab so I figured I should write down what I did. Lucky its pretty easy and only requires you to do three things.

Also, this is on a Windows Domain and not Workgoup.

Make a share on the network eg. \\server1\ninja and add NinjaRMM msi to the folder. My path looks like below:


On a computer that has local admin rights to the remote computers download PSExec to a folder and make a text file called pcs.txt. In pcs.txt add the names of the computers you want to deploy to and save.

Run the command below and wait for the execution with error code 0. The error code “0” means its worked.

.\psexec.exe @pcs.txt -s msiexec.exe /i “\\air.local\air\Seattle\IT\ninja\ninja.msi” /quiet /norestart

Here is what my output looks like

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