Factorio Headless Server for Windows

I just spent a few minutes setting up a Factorio Headless Server on my VPS Window Server and I saw that the script on their Wiki is formatted wrong. Below is my modified version of their script. Make sure each statement is on it own line and move all the x64 binary folder to c:\factorio\0.14.22\ and run the .bat from the root of 0.14.22.

I like to launch it from the .bat [link to file] because I can track the saves easier and change the configuration quicker. You will also need to forward port 34197 to that server and any other port that your going to use.

@echo off
set FactorioExeLocation=C:\factorio\0.14.22\bin\x64\
set SaveFileName=game1-save.zip
set SaveLocation=C:\factorio\0.14.22\saves\game1-saves\
set ServerSettingsFileName=server-setting-server-1.json
set ServerSettingsLocation=C:\factorio\0.14.22\data\
cd %FactorioExeLocation% echo.
echo Save to be loaded: echo %SaveLocation%%SaveFileName%
echo. Server Settings to load: echo %ServerSettingsLocation%%ServerSettingsFileName%
echo *** Remember to use Ctrl+C to ensure saving when finished instead of simply closing this window ***
pause 3
factorio.exe --start-server "%SaveLocation%%SaveFileName%" --server-settings "%ServerSettingsLocation%%ServerSettingsFileName%" pause 3

You should get the output similar to below.


Steam Sale

I just picked up Skyrim, Arma II: Operation Arrowhead and Tribes Ascend pack on sale for  a total of $50 off of Steam. I saw that Amazon had the games for the same price, which is awesome, but I don’t want to keep track of another service. When I bought a game awhile back I got a steam code but when I got Battlefield 3 I got the direct download. I guess it’s a toss up on how you get the content. Now I can play Day Z and get Steam achievements in Skyrim.

In the end I got awesome games for a great price and love the fact that Amazon is price matching.

PS. Comcast Blast is AWESOME! (7MB/s!)