Windows Server Hyper-V Backups Stuck

I had an issue that the status of each virtual machine in the Hyper-V console was “Backing Up” and I wasn’t able turn a server on. When the server is getting backed up by the Hyper-V host you are unable to change the settings or state. The previous night’s backups failed and it looks like the external drive that we backup was also failing causing VSS to get stuck and ultimately the backups to run forever. There isn’t a way to cancel the backup job thought he backup manager so you have to open the command prompt and type in:

wbadmin stop job

After about 20 minutes, backups are about 200GB, I got the jobs stopped message but the status in Hyper-V manager status still said that it was backing up.

I did some quick research and didn’t see anything about this issue so I ended force killing the VMM service to get the backup status to change. It was either that or i restart the server and I really didn’t want to do that.

If you ran into this issue let me know what you did to fix it.

How to Spot a Fake NFL Nike Elite Jersey

Here are three main things to look for:

1. The lettering. It might have a few bubbles in it but shouldn’t look like it was glued by a seagull. I herd that it should be almost cardboard like.

2. the NFL in the front should be rubber composite and not stitched.

3. The jocktag should be almost sliver not grey and have fine edges from the laser cutting.


Other things to look for are the sales tag and the ventilated mesh. The tag should be black and not red and the mesh should be a little above the waist and on the site under the armpits.

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Harley Davidson Iron 883

Here are a few pictures of the motorcycle that I’m going to pick up this weekend. I decided to go with the Iron 883 because it has a little bit more horse power then the Honda Phantom, is belt driven and has disk breaks on the front and back. I also know a few people that are able to work on Harley Davidsons. The Iron and the Phantom are so close that it’s the little things that will make me choose between the two.

I was also thinking of getting a 1200 but I drive more for leisure than speed. If I get there going the speed limit or 5 above I’m in good shape.

I also lucked out and found a motorcycle with the modifications that I would put on there. Send me how many you can find at @airiedmeann.

Warning, these are big pictures. I guess I should look in to upgrading WordPress so I can get a gallery plugin. Maybe next winter :).