Two Small Brews

This weekend we plan on brewing a Sierra Nevada clone and  Rogue Old Crustacean Barleywine clone. I’m very interested is both of these since I would like to have a barleywine to age and on the flip side have an easy drinking beer for my wedding. I really like Sierra Nevada beer since its not too bitter and is a little complex. I’ll use Beersmith to cut these down to 2.5 gallons each since we, ironically, don’t drink as much beer as we did when we first started.

I got the corona mill in the mail yesterday and Saturday morning we will pick up the grain and hops. My hope is that the lower volume of liquid needed will make brewing inside a lot easer.

If the grain bill for the barelywine is high enough we can finally use the mash tun that we built last month. If it doesn’t work as well we can add some malt extract and hope for the best since we will be using BIAB.