The Craigslist Inflation Effect

As you can see from my post below I’m trying to buy a relativity new used motorcycle. I check Craigslist and Cycle Trader every morning to see if there are any new bikes for sale. To make this easier I found an app for Android called Craigslist (original, I know). You put a search string in, in my case I put Honda Phantom –civic, tap “enable notifications”  and let it run. I added the “-civic” because three or four people want to trade parts or a Civic and I don’t want to see the posts so to remove it you add a “-“ in the search. They have a paid version, $9.99, that’s a little pricy. I would be willing to pay $4 or $5 but $10 is too much.

I was going to get one last weekend form a guy that is about 4 hours away and ride it back but a few days before he emailed me and said that he sold it to someone who was closer. Ironically a few hours after he emailed me I got a text from a guy in Chicago saying that he would buy the bike for the price that I offered and I was going to go out there. A day before I was going to buy it he called me and said that he was talking with his friend and he thinks that he can get more for the bike than what my offer was. The next day he put the bike up for a lot more than his original price and now he reposted it for a few hundred over my offer.

Since then I sent three more offers to private sellers which always say yes but someone ends up offering their asking price, which is about two hundred over mine, and they sell it to them. What I don’t get is the sellers who try to recoup all of their money that they invested. If they want to do that sell it back to the dealer because you are not going to get anywhere near your asking price. If the post says that they want $10,000 you put your bike up for $9,000 and when I send you an offer for the real price for the bike you say that other people are selling theirs for a lot more than what you want.

What you need to do is call the dealer and ask them what you will get for a trade in because more than likely that’s the price I’m going to give you. If you work with me on the price I’ll might even end up closer to your price then you think.

Ironically right before I was going to post this someone posted from Appleton Wisconsin the following. I feel better knowing that I’m not the only one the only difference is that I want a 2010 or 2011 motorcycle.

Just an FWIW to all the dreamy sellers out there, unless you’ve got some absolute cherry with less than 3000 miles, or super-fine mods or accessories, ANY Sportster being 2002 or older ain’t worth more than $4000, 1200s included (a dirt cheap big bore kit will make any 883 into a 1200). It doesn’t matter what you paid for it or how much you put into it. The market is glutted with Sporties. Get over it. Lower your $ expectations or keep the bike and enjoy it, ’cause it ain’t sellin’ for what you’re asking!