DroboPro iSCSI IOmeter Test

I ran the IOMeter test from VMKtree against a DroboPro and a Raid 5 3Ware Ar2343 array as well as a LSI i8PRO with a RAID 0. I have four 1TB drives, WD and Seagate,  in the RAID 5 array and two 2Tb drives as well as three 1Tb drives and Two 750Gb drive in the Drobo. The LSI array has 3 10k drives in RAID 0.

The Drobo uses 76W at its max and 75W idle. I wasn’t able to get the Drobo to spin down after 15 min but when I manually put it in standby its uses 15W and waits for the iSCSI connection to reconnect (I have to manually reconnect it – I think I broke it when I changed the IP a few weeks ago). The server that has both of the arrays uses about 185W max and  around 166W when idle.

Controller: LSI SAS211-8i 
Size: 835Gb


Controller: 3Ware 9650SE-4LPML
Size: 2.73Tb


Controller: DroboPro 
Raid: Beyond Raid
Size: 7.34TB (16Tb logical)


Still Fast

Quick speed test 60/3.3.


I upgraded to a WNDR3700 running DD-WRT. I remember a few years ago when I was running DD-WRT there was an app that would let you know what IP was using how much bandwidth. It was close to iftop but did it on the internal network. Ill dig around and see if I can find it and get it installed.

Next step? Try to figure out why I never get host on Halo.

Comcast 50/10. Yum

Using Optonline.net ftp site I was able to test my internet without having “burst” skew my result. I downloded the 512mb file three times with an  average maximum transfer rate 6.8MB/s.

    Incoming    Outgoing
    ========    ========
Current Transfer Rate    881 bytes/s    1.23 KB/s
Average Transfer Rate    5.90 MB/s    110 KB/s
Maximum Transfer Rate    6.75 MB/s    139 KB/s
Total Data Transferred    531 MB    9.64 MB
Since    8/27/2011    7:17:32 PM

Elapsed time: 00-01-30

    Incoming    Outgoing
    ========    ========
Current Transfer Rate    264 KB/s    5.33 KB/s
Average Transfer Rate    5.97 MB/s    110 KB/s
Maximum Transfer Rate    6.77 MB/s    131 KB/s
Total Data Transferred    531 MB    9.60 MB
Since    8/27/2011    7:19:15 PM

Elapsed time: 00-01-29

    Incoming    Outgoing
    ========    ========
Current Transfer Rate    901 bytes/s    3.51 KB/s
Average Transfer Rate    5.73 MB/s    106 KB/s
Maximum Transfer Rate    7.11 MB/s    132 KB/s
Total Data Transferred    533 MB    9.65 MB
Since    8/27/2011    7:20:54 PM

Elapsed time: 00-01-33

Updated Test Lab

Since I found the last post laying around I wanted to post it so we can see how my lab has changed. I’m close to my ideal test environment, more on that in a second, till then I’ll make do with what I can find for cheap :).  A few months ago I was able to leave my test server at my work and borrow two static IP’s and a UPS. With the two static IP’s I can set up one for the host, CHI-HV1, and one for the virtual domain, AIR.Local, and send email out without worrying about the email settings every time the IP changes or blocked email since I’m sending from a residential IP.  I ended up buying airideas.net so I could use it for the test domain and treat it like a real company and instead of messing around with my airideas.com. Getting another domain for $6 is a awesome deal to bad .co is $15 a year, I could have the trifecta of domains.

On to my new(er) testing lab. My main test server, CHI-HV1, is about 20 miles away from me connected to a 20Mb Comcast Business connection and is running Windows Server 2008 R2. I decided to rewrite the specs below because I wanted to see if anything has changed and to get the full scale of my test domain. Soon I will add a “remote” site, Seattle or SEA-HV1, to test out Read-only Domain Controllers and Site to Site VPN. The box that that will be running the VM’s will be a ASUS running a 2.4Ghz Q8800 with 4GB of ram and a 500Gb WD hard drive. I know its nothing like the the server at the office but it will work fine for now.

Host – CHI-HV1 (Hyper-V | Comcast)


: P180


: Q6600 @ 3GHZ
Motherboard: ASUS P5k/Premium WiFi

Hard Drives

: 2x 300Gb VelociRaptors , RAID 0 – Host Drives  2x 1Tb RE3 , RAID 0 -Storage Drives  1x 500GB Scratch Shadow Copy drive

Child Virtual Servers

CHI-DC1 – Domain Controller

CHI-MAIL1 – Mail Server
CHI-DPM1 – Backup Server

CHI-MOSS1 – Windows SharePoint Server

CHI-SQL1 – SQL server
CHI-SQL2 – SQL Server
CHI-WIN71 – Windows 7 Machine (“client” testing)

Chi-Win72 – Windows 7 Machine (“client” testing)

–Future VM’s–

CHI-ISA1 – VPN Proxy Server
CHI-TS1 – Terminal Server / Remote APP Gateway
CHI-TS2 – Termianl Server / Remote APP

Host – SEA-HV1 (Hyper-V | Comcast)


: Antec 

CPU: Q8800 @ 2.4GHZ

Motherboard: Asus

Hard Drives

: 500Gb WD

Child Virtual Servers
SEA-DC1 – Domain Controller

SEA-SRV1 – QuickBooks / FIle Server

KIR-RO1 – Read-only Domain Controller



Below is a diagram of CHI-HV1. If I have more free time I’ll map out the network and SEA-HV1.

CHI-HV1 V3 Virtual Build