Installing Windows Server 2012 On an SSD

I wanted to show you guys how fast the Windows install would be with a USB 3 flash drive and a Samsung 840 Pro but the motherboard wouldn’t boot with the flash drive in the USB 3 port and I found some other people online having the same issue with booting from a USB 3 port. In the end I installed from the USB 2 port which is about 20MB/s instead of the 70MB/s that USB 3 gets.

Either way the install is really fast. I took a quick video and the install was about 8 minutes with the reboots and a RAID controller adding a few seconds to the boot time.

It’s a boring video but still a quick install.

SSD Upgrade Steps

1. Backup your OS. You never know what’s going to happen
2. Move Steam and Origin games to a temporary hard drive.
3. Make sure you are signed to Chrome so your bookmarks are synced.
4. Use Windows Easy Transfer and save the file to the temporary hard drive.
5. Install Windows 8 and any other applications that you use.
6. Use Windows Easy Transfer to migrate your Documents and settings back.
7. Move the Steam and Origin games you want on to the SSD.

I’m going to keep most of my games on the 1TB WD black and I might end up moving my documents there too. There might be more steps depending on what else you use your computer for but the most important one is to backup what your computer before you do anything.

I should have some screen shots of the upgrade later.

SSD Upgrade

I think Newegg has been watching my browsing history since I got a promo email yesterday with $60 off a Samsung 830. I’ve been eyeing the 830 since it came out but couldn’t come to grips with the cost. Sure its fast but how much faster than the SSD below it? It turns out that its about twice as fast as the alternative, Crucial’s “M4”. For about twice the speed you have to pay $60 more or about half the price of the drive.Another reason to choose Samsung is reliably. One of my friends OCZ Vertex died for no reason. OCZ was great about getting a new one out but they never told him the reason why.


I purchased my current WD 500GB VelociRaptors back in 2008 right on the cusp of SSD going mainstream. When the OCZ Vertex 2 came out I picked one up for $1 a gig and never migrated over to it since the space was so limiting. Now I only use it for testing and as a scratch drive for video editing.

My hope is that the 840’s stay above the $200 mark for the next year, two years might be stretching it, and the M4 doesn’t go to far down in price.

Here are some quick specs between the 830 and 840. You can see that the 840 is faster than the 830 but coming from spinning hard drive any SSD is an upgrade.

  830 840
Sequential Read 520MB/s 540MB/s
Sequential Write 400Mb/s 450MB/s
Random Read 80K IOS 100K IOS
Random Write 36K IOS 78K IOS
Active Power Use .24W .068W

VelociRaptor 600GB

Well its finally here, my current hard drives (WD6000HLHX) are half what I paid for them a little over 3 years ago. I have two of them in RAID 0 and used a 1TB Caviar Black for more important data. I think this is a indication that I should install my OCZ Vertex 2 SSD :).


If you are looking for a nice upgrade and for some reason dot want an SSD the 600GB Raptor is a steal for $169. I do know that they came out with a 1TB Raptor for $329 that preforms very well but if your going to spend close to $350 on a hard drive you might as well get SSD.